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Aug 30, 2003
paper bags,, tissue paper and boxes...

I feel as though I have gone on some type of shopping crusade throughout the past week and now I am almost finally done. Somestimes I wonder why the hell there isn't more time in the day because it gets so frustrating.
I am leaving soon and I couldn't be more terrifyied I can't believe that I am actually going through with this! I gradually become more and more depressed yet at the same time giddy. I am watching all my friends leave and toughing it out like a trooper but inside I just want to cry. I hope everyone does well and I will see you all at christmas.

Posted at 09:41 pm by miss_vogue
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Aug 29, 2003
shopping too much!

I never thought I would say this in a million years, but today I actually got sick of shopping. This little excursion I am about to go on is just draining me. I have honestly gone to every single mall in this area and not found anything!! Since when did everything decide to get expensive! It seemed like everything I was picking up today was like for people who dont know what to do with their money!
Okay well let me re-phrase that they know what to do with their money but they have alot of it! I am so tired!!!!!! My feet actually want to disown me as does my mother I think! I must be the most annoying shopper there is, but I like to really get to know a store and that is why I take so long! Obviously I have a reason!
So tonight was kind of depressing, Christine is going off to Mac on Sunday and we had to go out tonight because we both know that we are way too busy tomorrow to do anything. I also never got to say goodbye to camp people this week but I am thinking about them, it already seems like ages since we have done anything although it's been like a week.
I can say alot of goodbyes on Tuesday because I am dropping by at the highschool but I doubt it will be like old times and might almost  be too depressing for me to go to.
I decided that this would be my little update journal for everyone to know what the hell I am doing, although I am going to keep a nice written one on me at all times... anyways its friken late so I better bounce... oh god bounce... I have to ask myself if I would like some bling with that bounce... what the f-bomb am I talking about???? 1:50am... thats what I am talking about!

Posted at 10:53 pm by miss_vogue
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